Le Freaky Guitars has captured the essence of the late 70s and early 80s funk disco Guitar licks bringing a set of sounds influenced by the guitar playing skills of significant bands from this era such as Chic, the Commodores , Kool and the Gang with players such as Nile Rodgers and Tony Maiden dropping iconic riffs that made this classic sound so timeless. Even now this clean and crisp style of playing is still current with Nile Rodgers continuing the link by working with contemporary artists such as Daft Punk.

Included in this set of loops are a multitude of straight up funk chord riffs in different keys and tempos. To add some spice we have let the guitarist loose to give you a set of  awesome funk lead lines that will sit over the rhythm parts and add that sparkle.

We have tried to capture more than one version of the rhythm loops giving   subtle variations of the riffs so you can build the track, embellish and add natural sounding rhythmic changes between different song sections making your track sound as “live “ as you like. These nuances are important and subtleties like this  make a good track groove.

For this pack we have enlisted the golden fingers of one of the Uk’s top guitar players with years of session/band and live performances under his belt playing with some heavyweight names …And as Niles says “the secret of a good funk guitarist is knowing which notes you leave out that make it funky “, and our guy has left out all the right ones.We recorded the whole pack on as simple a set up as we could. Just a fender Stratocaster, an amp and a great player.Fx and processing have been kept to a minimum to give that crisp funk sound and to allow you to sculpt these loops as you need them. Go mad process and twist them up into something completely different or run them as straight up funky guitar licks either way they will bring something to the track.

We feel this pack will slot into many different genres , from hip hop , funky house, deep house, Nu disco to drum and bass and even disco funk .

In more detail ,

There are 152 loops over 6 Bpms

106, 114, 118, 120, 122 and 126.



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