Computer Music Review: Kanji Kinetic 2012/01/06

“For a quick and dirty way to make up front, filthy bass music, this library hits home.

Computer Music Review: Sy & Unknown – Essential Hardcore 2011/06/29

“It’s all done to the highest standard, offering a solid foundation for any hardcore track.

Mixmag Review: Organ Donors – Future Hard Dance 2011/06/01

“This pack is most definitely worth a purchase for anyone looking to give their productions a cutting edge.

Verdict: 5/5
Computer Music Review: Black Noise Warehouse 2011/04/28

“All the sonic elements are covered, the MC-like vocals being a surprise gem.
8/10 review Aquasky Future Jungle and Drumstep

There are an enormous amount of one-shots, booming basslines, jacked synths, FX galore and monster breaks that are ready to melt the dance floors.

Review by: CUTLINE of The Cut Up Boys Ibiza EDM Tool kit

“Ministry of Sound’s Cut Up Boys have outdone themselves with this sample pack. If you want to write main room bangers that will have ravers gurning their tits off all night long then this is the pack for you.

Future Music Review: Kanji Kinetic Vol. 2  2012/02/22

“Whether you’re just getting into production or need something to bolster your arsenal, these are some well built sounds

Future Music Review The Baker Brothers Vol3 2013/05/08

“The Baker Brothers are back with another pack and the good news is that it is funkier than James Brown’s sock draw

Computer Music review: Genetix forward thinking Dub Step 2013/11/07

“There are some gems in there, and the bulk of the material is well produced

Product review by Celt Islam

“Super fat kick ass producers package for you lovers of all things dub twisted and warped inna Dubstep Stylee! The Drums are super crisp and snappy and the Basslines and basses and a real treat! This is a very neat package of sounds perfect for anyone wanting that extra edge to their compositions”

Product review by Jason Nevins: The Cut Up Boys Ibiza EDM Tool Kit

“Great set from the Cut Up Boys ! Lots of variety and quality sounds. This set has somewhat of a flavor all to its own which is nice, keeping things fresh.

Product review: Killer Acapellas 3 by Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy

“Killer Acapellas 3 by Monster Sounds is what it says it is. If you’re looking for vocal samples that are prodigious, then you’ve hit the jackpot. As we all know, lyrics manufactures the beat. Which entails completes the track. Producers are going to worship Killer Acapellas”

Product review: Daft Funk By Jason Nevins

“This set from Monster Sounds scores a 10 in my book because not only of the originality but being able to create the true vibe of the sound. Most of the vibe of this set goes back to the classic Daft Punk sound, but I havent heard anyone else tackle such a feat before. You get live bass loops, synth bass loops, beat loops, filtered loops, some vox loops and lead synth loops. Everything is cut up, smashed, glitched, mangled and twisted (in a good way) before being put together. In my opinion, its the filter & lead loops which are what brings it all together giving it that authentic DP sound. Excellent job”

Product review: Daft Funk By Rezone

“Amazing pack! so fresh and unique! Lot of creative and useful element from any genre!”

Product review: Daft Funk By Matteo DiMarr

“Wow..I love this pack..If you want the French House sound than this is for you..This pack sounds like the real thing..With an ample amount of content bass riffs,leads,drum loops single hits it’s all here. Great for adding flavor to existing tracks or starting something from scratch..Can’t wait for Part 2!”

Product review: Daft Funk By Trafik

“Does exactly what is says on the tin and more. Great collection of funk/disco samples with a huge wedge of filter house chucked in for good measure. No surprise at all that its currently best seller. Bang on trend and bang on quality. Good stuff.”

Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 2 Review At Future Music

“It’s the flexibility on offer here that makes this pack stand out from the competition. It’s broken down into eight full song arrangements (verse, chorus, bridge, harmonies..) and has dry/wet options, so if you feel the need to drench lines and hooks in EFX, you can really get amongst it here. The quality of the recordings (reflected in the price) also means that you can time-stretch samples into new tempos, and then genres, without them coming off paper thin”

Product review: Heavyweight Trap Review At Computer Music

“A 915MB library of beats, basslines, synths, vocals, orchestrals and more. Heavyweight Trap comes at its subject genre from every angle. The low end is weighty, the drums are crisp, the leads are piercing, and that requisite trap swagger is in full effect. Melodically, it’s all quite simplistic but that’s the nature of the genre – this one’s all about the diversity of the sounds”

Product review: Colin Dale – Deep Techno Producer

“A classic collection of from one of UK Techno’s earliest innovators. A varied and very usable selection of samples and loops which will see their way into music makers productions from Minimal to Tech House to Techno”

Product review: New York Rap Acapellas Part 2

“There’s a great variety of different voices on here depending on what kind of track you’re producing, also different tempos, but everything is recorded cleanly enough to be able to chop out single words and phrases. Some of the lyrics are pretty comical but there is plenty of serious stuff to work with here and give your tune a bit of attitude! You’ll find something usable in here especially if you start to play with the pitch”

Product review: Killer Acapellas –

“This is a great collection because it’s a genuine mixed bag and the content is sung by a male and a female so your needs are well catered for”

Kutski: A Review Of Organ Donors – Future Hard Dance

“The Organ Donors have been leaders in the harder sounds of dance music for the past 15 years, but their current revolution in production has left everyone from hard dance to trance in awe of their tracks sheer unquestionable quality! This latest sound set will no doubt open doors to a whole new generation of producers, and even a new cross genre platform! This certainly has become the first port of call for all my remixes, re-edits, and bootlegs!”

Verdict: 5/5
Monster Sounds Daft Funk Review At Soundista

“The new Loopmasters “Daft Funk” sound pack is huge — over a gig of funky basses, chunky drums, and filtered synth loops. There some duplication, of course — the pack includes the usual Loopmaster array of REX files and sampler patches — but the WAV files alone weigh in at almost 800 megs of audio. If you produce any type of French house (and maybe even if you don’t), “Daft Funk” is definitely worth checking out. The sheer amount of audio should last you through many, many tracks, and the price is totally reasonable given what’s included”




The Baker Brothers VOL3 Future Music Review 9/10



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The Cut Up Boys Ibiza EDM Tool Kit Review DJ MAG 7/10