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Monster Sounds work in conjunction with top artists, musicians, vocalists and producers from around the world in various cutting edge music styles to bring you the best of the best in each genre straight to your computer.

Since launching, the label has released a diverse range of material. This includes artist based packs working with key producers in different genres for the most upfront production styles, along with the highly acclaimed ACAPELLA packs, bringing professionally recorded vocals to your fingertips.

Finally there are the Monster Sounds Essentials packs bringing you the inspirational sounds you need that span all genres and styles of production that become an essential part of any studio tool kit.

About the Acapellas

In this range there are the song based KILLER ACAPELLAS featuring both male and female singer songwriters performing a multitude of different song styles and inspirational ideas.

The emphasis is on flexibility. The pack contains multiple “dry” stems and double tracks of the recordings for producers who want maximum control, but also there are mixed bounces of the song sections if you want an instant drop and go vocal.

Also we have a number of RAP ACAPELLA packs. These bring a more urban vibe and are recorded in the States with pro working Rappers and range from one shots to full verse and hook sections.

These packs give the user the chance to work from quality credible vocals without the effort of having to set up vocal sessions, making them an invaluable time saving tool in a pressured studio session.

The Artist Packs

Monster Sounds has had the opportunity to work with some of the best contemporary production talent in the  making of the artist series packs.
With the range encompassing many different musical genres from the amazing musicianship of live funk band “THE BAKER BROTHERS” to hot DUBSTEP producers GENETIX, WEARHOUSE don LEE MORTIMER, TECHNO Legend COLIN DALE and many more covering a huge spectrum of music from DRUMSTEP to WAREHOUSE to FUTURE JUNGLE to HOUSE, FUNK, TECHNO and pretty much everything in-between.

Monster Sounds Essentials

The final part of the jigsaw is Monster Sounds range of studio essential packs including “Heavyweight analogue Subs” “Heavyweight TRAP“, and the highly acclaimed “DAFT FUNK“.

These highest quality essential packs are “go to” studio tools for producers to have in there tool box and are aimed at giving the user inspirational ideas from the loops and sounds they will return to time after time.


The label was set up as a collaboration between dance producers Aquasky and sample content market leaders Loopmasters.


As producers, guys were often asked production questions by people when they were out playing shows. Usually the question revolved around “how did  you make that bass sound”.

Having met with the people behind Loopmasters it seemed like the right time to make a decent sample pack to get some of the sounds out there for other producers to play with and the pack was released as part of the Loopmasters artist series in 2008 titled “Aquasky Electro House and Breaks” .

After enjoying the process it seemed like a natural progression for the guys to use there broad reaching  connections in the industry to source quality producers and artists to come up with new content for their own label.

Quality Control

Run by Pro Producers and longtime studio heads Monster Sounds understand what is needed to make a pack truly usable in the studio and ensure that the products are bang on the money.

The concept is  that we want the releases to be something we would look to use in the studio ourselves and don’t believe in the idea of padding out packs to make the content seem more.

By quality controlling all the way through from the inception of the pack idea to the delivery we can ensure the content is killer and no filler and that the packs are actually relevant to the music your making.