“The killer for killer Acapellas. Great quality lyrical recordings, well organized in key & tempo and then fully broken down into full and layered stems. Im looking forward to the rest of the series. Great for retuning and looping and perfect for d&b.” 10/10 Need For Mirrors.

Monster Sounds bring you 8 more killer vocals for you to twist up into what ever genre you fancy.
We have gone back into the studio but with 2 NEW vocal Talents.

Both vocalists are professional singer songwriters and well travelled. They are performing live and in the studio with renowned producers, artists and have written top lines for major label talent.

There’s no doubt they have raised the bar and bring a fresh sound to the killer series.

We feel the performances of these recordings are outstanding. Both vocalists bought their A game to the studio and went in hard.

To add more credentials to this pack, the production team at Monster Sounds, who have top-lined, produced and engineered many vocal sessions from the underground to commercial singers and rappers, have left no stone unturned in the making of this pack so you can rest assured these are pro quality vocals.

Fed up of having to re use the same vocals everyone else has caned over the years, or risk being sued for sampling someone else’s work ?

There’s always a point in making your track when you want to add in something to make your tune stand out and take it to the next level. Perhaps you want to build a full vocal based song from the ground up, not just have a repeated vocal loop all the way through?

This time around there are 8 full acapeallas based around different song ideas and subjects to give credible vocals with maximum flexibility for producers in all different genres.

There are 8 female vocals in this pack split equally 4 each between the 2 vocalists. All vocals are suited to electronic music production, but also could be equally flipped into a more acoustic or traditional instrument based music or whatever you can think of.

You get 8 full songs, compromising verse, chorus and in some cases the bridge parts of a song. Extra harmony parts have also been added to make it possible to build more progressive layers as the track builds. Additionally, there are adlibs to really spice thing up.

This is to give the full flexibility of either grabbing a simple single line hook to loop, or to have the tools to construct a full song with a traditional verse, chorus arrangement.

The vocals have also been double tracked, in many cases multi tracked. This is so you can get that huge stacked sound in the chorus of your song if that’s the sound you prefer, or simply have one track for a more bare intimate sound.

The vocals are recorded and engineered in the highest quality and are given to you at 24 bit. They can easily be time stretched and pitch shifted if needed to suit different tracks with minimal quality loss.

The parts are laid out to make them as user friendly as possible,and have been split up in the following ways:

Firstly all songs are bounced as a full accapella version, laid out in verse chorus.

Type arrangement, there is a dry version of this accapella and also a “wet“ effected version.

The accapellas have double tracking of the vocals and are mixed in stereo so they are a ready to drop straight in to any tune.

The parts have also been supplied as totally dry individual stems, so you have total control over your vocals.

All the individual stems that make the double tracks and harmony’s are there for you to tweak your mix exactly how you want.

Finally there are song “sections“ here where we have given the main blocks of each song. For example,  the chorus, verse, and bridge chunks of the vocal are stacked as a fully double tracked chunk so you can re arrange the sections however you feel you want to. The reason behind this is that in full accapellas there may be overlaps that would make any editing difficult. These “sections” give you the flexibility to work however suits you . These are bounced in dry and wet versions.




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The vocals were recorded using a 1980s Numann u87 mic with a Focusrite isa430 channel strip. Songs : JACKING HEAT 124 Bpm THE WEEKEND 128 Bpm HIT THE BUTTON 128 Bpm LIKE FIRE 128 Bpm REMEDY 136 Bpm JUST RELEASE ME 140 Bpm SHINE A LIGHT 175 Bpm TAKE IT TOO THE BEAT175 Bpm Please note the demo music is not included in this pack, only the vocals! The demo is made up from other Monster Sounds pack content and other sounds.