Killer Acapellas vol 2

“The Monster Sounds team have rounded up some great vocalists and locked them away in the booth until they have come up with performances dripping in so much honey they could actually turn around the dwindling bee numbers. It’s the flexibility on offer here that makes this pack stand out from the competition”
Future Music 8/10

Monster Sounds bring you 8 more Killer acapeallas for you to twist up into what ever genre you fancy.

Tired up of having to re use the same vocals everyone else has hammered over the years??

There’s always a point in making a track where it would be nice to add another dimension to take it to the next level, or perhaps from the outset you have the inspiration to make a full vocal track, or maybe your just looking to drop in a catchy hook to keep your composition moving along but don’t want a full vocal? Don’t worry we have you covered for all of these eventualities with this packs flexibility.

Monster Sounds have gone back into the studio following the same format as Vol 1 and pulled back in 2 talented working songwriter /vocalists /topline writers. Both vocalists have real studio time notched up between them having written and recorded with real industry producers on successful released projects.

To add more credentials to this pack the production team at Monster Sounds, who have top-lined, produced and engineered many vocal sessions from the underground to commercial singers and rappers, including gold selling artists, so you can be assured that the stems you are getting are recorded to the highest standard but with room for you to re work them to give them your individual sound.

We have given you several different song ideas, tempos and subjects so you have credible vocals with maximum usability for producers to be able to flip the vocals into there preferred genre.the pack is made up of 4 female vocals and 4 male vocals. All vocals are suited to both electronic music production or a more “traditional” instrument based music.

The pack is made up of 8 Full songs, compromising verse, chorus and in some cases the bridge parts. In some cases extra harmony parts are included so it is possible to build more progressive layers as the track progresses.

This gives the option of either grabbing a simple single line hook to loop, or to have the tools to construct a full song with a traditional verse, chorus arrangement. The vocals have also been double tracked (in many cases multi tracked). This is so you can get that huge stacked vocal sound if that’s the style of track your working on , or simply have one track of vocals for a more bare intimate sound.

The vocals are recorded and engineered in the highest quality and at given to you at 24 bit so can easily be time stretched and pitch shifted of needed to suit different tracks with minimal quality loss. The parts are laid out to make them as user friendly as possible and have been split up in the following ways.

Firstly, all songs are bounced as a “full” accapella version. This is set out in a verse/chorus arrangement. We have given you 2 versions of the full acapella ,a “dry” version with no FX and also a “wet” effected version, these can simple be dropped over your track and are pretty much the finished mix
so would also work well for DJ sets.

The full accapellas have double tracking of the vocals and are mixed in stereo so they are a ready to drop straight in to any tune. The parts have also been supplied as totally dry individual stems, so you have total control over your vocals. All the individual stems that make the double tracks and harmonies are there for you to tweak your mix exactly how you want.

Lastly, there are song “Sections” here we have given the main blocks of each song. For example the chorus, verse, and bridge in chunks. These are stacked as a fully double tracked vocal section.You can re arrange the sections however you feel you want to, the reason for this is in the full accapellas there may be overlaps that would make any editing difficult so these “Sections” give you the flexibility to work however suits you. These are bounced again in dry and wet versions.

The vocals were recorded using a 1980s Numann U87 mic with a Focusrite ISA430 channel strip .


Release the Energy 128 Bpm Key A
The Rise 128 Bpm Key B
Any Body Out There 138 Bpm Key Cm
Be There 140 Bpm Key A
Tell Me Why 140 Bpm Key C#
I Am Falling 140 Bpm Key F
Come Alive 172 Bpm Key C#
I Don’t Care 175 Bpm Key D#

To hear more Killer Acapellas check out Vol 1 and Vol 3.



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