Heavyweight Analogue Subs

“A great value pack that does exactly what it sets out to do. A large number of speaker-rattling basses and subs with a round and warm sound.” Music Tech Mag 10/10

Need some Proper Weight in the bottom department???

Monster Sounds are here to supply the junk for your trunk with this Heavy hitting pack, Heavyweight Analogue Subs.

To properly fill out the bottom end of your mix and get the real low sub bass, it’s a well proven method by producers to layer the main bass sound with a separate sub. This gives the full range right into the low end, and allows you to effect the main bass sound but still have a clean, full sub to get the extension right into the low, low areas!

All of these sounds are from genuine keyboards which have been lovingly sampled in full 24bit quality through high end hardware compressors and pre amps to give the weighty and warm unmistakable sound you can only get from the authentic equipment.

Tech Specs:

24 Bit Quality
296 Samples
43 Fat Bass Multi Sampled Instruments
40 Sub Tones
83 Soft Samplr Patches For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

Included in the pack are multi samples and hits from The Roland SH101, the Yamaha CS5, The Korg MS20, The Novation BassSation, Roland 808 Roland Juno 106 and the Clavia Nord.

If you’re looking to tear up the club with some devastating sonic booms then Heavy Weight Analogue Subs is for you!

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